Download SharpKeys
I can’t live without my keyboard shortcuts. Since MS-DOS first introduced me to options like Ctrl+C copying, I continue to rely on shortcuts to keep my fingers on the keys. All keyboards are not created equal, which means the keyboard on my desktop has better key placement than my laptop. It also means when I’m using a laptop, I’m stumbling to find a Windows key that should be located between Ctrl and Alt in the bottom left corner and isn’t. The workaround for this is to re-map keys to fit your needs, instead of sticking with the default configuration established by the manufacturer. Depending on where your keyboard came from, you might be able to re-map from QWERTY to DVORAK or switch a few hot keys. To make a more permanent switch, you need software to map your keys to new functions. SharpKeys is almost a perfect solution for this. To create a new key map, simply press the key you want to change, then press the key you want mapped to that spot on your keyboard. You can also disable keys (like Caps Lock) to prevent usage if they get in the way. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]