Tripod Basics Tutorial

Knowing the basics of using a tripod is the difference between shooting the occasional keeper shot and improving to expert status with practice. Manfratto, the maker of all the Bogen photography gear, offers an outstanding overview of tripod basics as part of a new tutorial series. Walk through why you need a tripod, choosing the right tripod, what tripods are made of, tripod mounting and basic tripod movement. This of course skews toward the pro gear made by this pro manufacturer, but the advice is sound no matter what your level of expertise.
From the tutorial, “A ‘good’ tripod is a fundamental part of any photographer’s kit, and is well worth its weight in gold – especially since tripods are getting lighter all the time. A quality tripod can provide you with the sharpest possible pictures from your expensive camera and lenses, and allow you get those shots you’ve only dreamed of – giving you time to think more carefully about composition. In fact it will probably improve your hit rate more than any other piece of equipment you use.”
How To Use a Tripod: The Basics