Project Neon

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As much as I love sharing video and photos publicly, there are plenty of reasons to keep things private within a select group of family and friends. Selective sharing is what originally attracted me to an app called Pixpo the first time I tried it. It’s also what attracts me to the DivX Project Neon.
Instead of publishing everything to a public Web page where anyone can view your files or creating a convoluted password-protected privilege system, Project Neon operates on the desktop. You decide who gets access to specific files, either making them searchable by any other Project Neon user, or by assigning permissions in the client application to specific users. If you don’t want home movies of the kids floating around where anyone can see them, the permissions keep those movies private, while your movie of the bear invading camp on the summer trip is freely available to anyone. On the flip side, you can turn on a password to block content you don’t your kids to see. Theoretically, this is also a safer way to share movies you might not own the rights to, or home movies with soundtracks containing copyrighted materials, because the permissions keep out people who might want to sue you for infringement. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]