Cingular Motorola ROKR

Jake Reviews the Motorola ROKR
Cingular Motorola ROKR iTunes phone Cingular, Motorola and Apple all conspired to launch the most hyped phone of the year. Dubbed the iTunes phone for it’s iPod like music interface and integration with Apple’s popular music service, the Motorola ROKR doesn’t deserve the buzz. Somewhere in the trio of companies, there’s fear preventing the ROKR from being the overnight success it could be. Whether it’s Apple’s fear of losing iPod market share to a much lower margin cell phone hobbling the phone with a mere 100 song maximum. Or Cingular’s fear of losing ringtone sales hampering over-the-air purchase and download of tracks from the iTunes music store. Or Motorola’s reluctance to give the design job over to the more competent iPod usability team, the phone falls short on many counts. Still there are a few features that make it a potentially interesting upgrade for a small segment of the cell phone market. I offer a more indepth look in my regular InformIT column.