Convert WMV to AVI

How can I convert WMV files to AVI? Is there anything that will do this for free?
There are several free options for converting WMV files to AVI format, depending on what your particular needs are. Assuming you have Windows XP, you can import any non-DRM protected WMV file and convert it to DV-AVI format. This is the AVI format compatible with digital video cameras. I don’t necessarily recommend this method, because you end up with a very bloated file. A second option for converting WMV to AVI is a freeware utility called STOIK Video Converter. The software accepts WMV, AVI and MPEG files as input formats, with output to DivX 5, DV-AVI or WMV. A batch conversion mode allows you to define settings for conversion of more than one file.

Download STOIK Video Converter
My personal preference is to use either Digital Media Converter or Blaze Media Pro for conversion of video files because they both support a broad range of video formats, including MOV. STOIK also offers a pay version of Video Converter, but the interfaces of Digital Media Converter and Blaze Media Pro make more sense for my needs.