Redecorate your Safari Home (Button)

There is something rather odd about Safari, and that is an initial download and install turns out to be lacking a “Home” button in the toolbar. Now I realize that the home page for many is merely a point on the way to wherever is the ultimate destination, but it can be so much more than that. It is aptly named, as it is the beginning of all journeys into the great digital unknown and a familiar place to return to after the hard work of pushing back the darkness.
I personally use Google Web as my home page, as I do extensive searching on a wide variety of topics, and it is nice to be able to return from cluttered, pop-up ridden, cookie-infested web wrecks to the clean, even austere interface of Google, from whence to clear the (wireless) air and again sally forth.
Picking and personalizing a home page will be a near-future subject, patient webcrawlers, but first we will find the home page button. It is hidden, but easily uncovered. In the same toolbar in which are found the “” and “” bar, right click in between any of the buttons or the address bar, in the gray spaces between (that would make a great title for a sonnet, perhaps in the vein of T.S. Eliot…). That will bring up a menu with “Customize toolbar” at the bottom. Selecting that option will bring up a small window with buttons, and lo and behold! a Home button! Eureka! Now, as we are using a Mac, merely drag & drop the buttons you find most useful (I use back/forward, home and text size in my bar). Click the blue glowing “Done” and you now have a Home button, ready to serve as a base, a launch pad for the flights of discovery ahead. [Britt Godwin]