Download ieSpell
With the barrier to posting text on line at zero thanks to free publishing services like MSN Spaces and Blogger, the quality of posts is also at an all time low. Some otherwise highly intelligent people are too lazy to spell check before sharing their thoughts. Many people don’t bother to perform a simple spell check with the built-in option included with apps like Thunderbird and Outlook Express before sending an email. I’m the first to admit, I make occasional grammar and usage mistakes, but not for lack of trying to avoid them. It takes hiring an editor to catch every grammatical mistake and spelling error (and even then some stuff slips through). The downside to Web forms in forums and blogs is a general lack of a consistent protocol for correcting errors prior to posting. If Internet Explorer (or a derivative like Maxthon or Avant Browser) is your primary browser, you can help curb this trend toward lousy spelling with the free ieSpell. One of the best reasons to use ieSpell, even if the Web form includes spell checking, is support for your local custom dictionary from apps like Microsoft Office. Checking your spelling before hitting Submit or Send may take a few extra seconds, but the person reading your message will thank you – especially if that person is me. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]
Thanks to Download Squad for reminding me about this great app.