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Wallpapers remain one of the quickest ways to spice up an otherwise stale looking desktop. Change the picture with one of the image rotation options or simply rotate something new in when you need a refreshing view. I recently ran across a slick application that takes desktop wallpaper to a whole new level. Combining webcam images with desktop wallpaper, you get a truly dynamic view of your favorite location or destination, live on your desktop. Activate the included Times Square webcam and refresh your desktop with a new image as often as every 5 seconds to see people passing on the street. Add one of the traffic cams from your commute to see traffic jam up live on your desktop. You can even watch for sightings in Elvis Graceland bedroom. Aim a webcam at your kids in the other room and keep a watchful eye from the next room. This is by far the coolest application for both webcams and wallpaper I’ve seen in ages. The app isn’t free; give it a try before writing it off.
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