MSCONFIG System Configuration Utility Update

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It seems late in the product cycle for Microsoft to be offering better feature exposure in Windows XP, but here we have a new addition to MSCONFIG. The System Configuration Utility for Windows has been around for several versions, gradually aggregating access to key system resources. The new Tools tab added in this update exposes a bunch of features better launched using their command line references, like: cmd.exe, which launches the XP command prompt; regedit.exe, which is the Windows Registry editor; appwiz.cpl, which is the Add or Remove Programs control panel; Eventvwr.msc, which browses system events; and a handful of other maintenance apps. It even changes the MSCONFIG icon. I’m not sure why Microsoft can’t take a cue from third parties and aggregate a more useful feature set the way apps like The Ultimate Troubleshooter have done, adding value by making the tools useable by mortals and geeks alike, but at least they are inching toward a unified interface. Ref=KB906569 [Windows XP $0.00]
MSCONFIG before update:

MSCONFIG after update: