Car Window Camera Mount

Car Window Camera Mount I’m still looking for the perfect car mounting solution. Keeping my eye on eBay, I ran across this car mount for spotting scopes. It uses the same threaded mount as a traditional tripod, which makes it interesting for mounting a digital camera or DV cam for taking pictures from the car. The base fits over your car window, creating a sort of adjustable height while providing more stability than you’d get leaning out the window to snap a photo. It hadn’t occurred to me to look for this kind of thing in hunting supplies, but I’m keeping my eyes out for additional alternatives. I don’t think this is what I want for my car mounted DV cam, but for under $20 this is an interesting solution for travel photograpers. Had I known this type of mount existed, I’d have purchased one ages ago. You can find it listed as both a digital camera car window mount or a hunting scope car window mount.