Blogspot Splogs Make Money

Chris wants Google to clean up Blogspot. Rightfully so; the Blogspot universe is at least 99% junk from autogenerated link farms on vioxx to autoposts using keywords other people care about tracking.
There’s a reason Google won’t clean up Blogspot – it makes too much money. The Adsense revenue publishers like Chris and I rely on to pay for our legitimate content results in more adviews from these spam blogs (splogs) too.
Google doesn’t have a problem with it because they sandbox the results from Blogspot from the rest of Google search. The problem comes in when other search services try to add value with things like feed search, which results in garbage piling on top of real results.
The Blogspot splogs are valuable ad real estate for Google’s investors, just like the ad views found on domain speculation sites. Google has no motivation to fix the problem because they want people to use their search engine.