Fireproof Safe Backup Fireproof Safe Backup
Firesafe Backup Backing up digital photos and home movies is important for any kind of catastrophic data loss. What happens if the data loss has nothing to do with your computer failing and everything to do with your house burning down? Having a backup isn’t enough; you need a backup protected from heat damage. provides an interesting solution, combining a fireproof safe with a network attached hard drive, connecting the hard drive to the network using Ethernet over power lines. Using the tutorial as your guide, you can build a fireproof backup solution that automatically backs up files, backs them up from every computer on your network, has full protection from fire and doesn’t have an incremental subscription cost. It sounds a little more complicated than it is. The solution demonstrated on the site isn’t cheap, but it certainly has me thinking about how to implement a disaster plan for losing crucial data for those unplanned events. Thanks to Digital Media Thoughts for the tip.