Logitech PlayGear Pocket

Logitech PlayGear Pocket The one thing Sony forgot to put in the PlayStation Portable box is a real case. Sure there’s a lightly padded leather job to protect the shiny surface from scratches and scrapes, but it does nothing to keep the screen from getting cracked in your pocket or backpack. The only case I found offering both solid protection from screen breakage, with enough rubber padding to help prevent breakage in the event of a fall, without totally bulking up the PSP, is the Logitech PlayGear Pocket. There are other cases with rugged features like metal casing and thick foam padding, but they won’t fit in cargo pants pockets. As a former Creative Zen Portable Media Center owner, I liked the fact that Creative made the case double as a stand for viewing movies; Logitech added this feature to the PlayGear Pocket too. Games are still playable without removing the case and virtually every port on the case, including battery recharging is accessible without removing your PSP. A case isn’t something I’d normally get excited about; in most cases function beats aesthetics. In this instance, you get protection for your gear and a cool case in one almost perfect package. At $15-20, it’s cheap insurance for your gaming gear.