Download MyTV ToGo
After I detailed all the steps for creating a fully automated conversion of Media Center files for playback on PSP (or iPod Video), I ran across MyTV ToGo on Sean Alexander’s Addicted to Digital Media. I have not tried this app, but if Sean gives it his stamp of approval, I guarantee it’s good. I only know a few people with a closer relationship to Media Center. MyTV ToGo converts recorded television for playback on PSP or iPod video and transfers the files to the connected device. What it lacks is the automation of a watch folder, like I illustrate using with PSPWare in my tutorial, however, I’m also hacking the system. The net cost of my methods is $15 vs. MyTV ToGo for iPod or PSP at $29.95. Considering it’s a one-trick pony at this point, I’ll likely hold off on getting MyTV to go, in favor of integrated media management in PSPWare. On the other hand, converting recorded television with MyTV ToGo is certainly a cleaner set of steps. [Windows XP MCE $29.95]