Download BitPump
BitPump is possibly the easiest to use of the current crop of BitTorrent clients. If you’ve never used a BitTorrent client to download files before, all you really need to know about BitPump is it just works. Those familiar with BitTorrent are aware of some of the potential complications of home networks, firewalls and port configuration common to BitTorrent clients. AnalogX, a freeware company known for simple interfaces with outstanding results, created BitPump with all of these common frustrations in mind. In addition to automatic firewall configuration and NAT traversal, BitPump includes other features optimized for making BitTorrent download user friendly. A few features setting BitPump apart from the competition include right-click menu access from IE, torrent caching for quick startup, SendTo contextual menu addition and auto downloading. The big missing piece in my book is the ability to watch RSS feeds for automatic download of torrent files enclosed in feeds. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]