Top 10 Articles of 2005

I don’t keep a very close watch on the server stats for the site, but periodically, I’ll take a look to see which articles seem to be popular. What’s interesting is, some of the most popular articles remain popular all year long and end up with a rather amazing number of visitors. Certainly more people than I could ever possible meet in a given year.
The top post for the year was an article I wrote back in March on converting DVDs for the Sony PSP. It’s been read more than 100,000 times. If you missed it the first time it ran, hopefully this gives you one more shot at gathering the details. Most of the other articles on this top 10 list are considerably more modest and it was somewhat complicated to keep track of all the stats because I switched page naming schemes mid year. In general, they each had at least 50,000 visits so far this year. One of the big surprises is a simple little hack for making a tripod out of a Pepsi bottle and a few parts from the hardware store.
Without further ado here’s a list of articles that got the most action during the course of 2005:
How To convert DVDs for PSP
How to Backup Your iPod
How to make Flash Movies
How to connect VoIP to your Phone Wiring
How to Buy an HDTV
How to Remove Sony XPC Rootkit
How to copy Audible Audio Books
How to convert PAL DVDs to NTSC
How to Save Money on Printer Ink
DIY Bottle Cap Tripod