MPEG4 Modifier

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Having to re-encode a video file after making a change is one of the most frustrating aspects of digital video. Encoding takes long enough the first time, why go through it twice if you don’t need to. If DivX or XviD MPEG-4 video saved as .AVI files are the format you need to edit, MPEG4 Modifier is your solution. Change aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, user data and interlacing all without re-encoding the file. Possibly the best use for MPEG4 Modifier is to unpack packed bitstreams, which are used to make it easier to edit DivX files in apps like VirtualDub, as well as increase some compatibility with DivX 5, however, packed bitstreams are also known to introduce additional errors. If you’re playing back a video file that’s jumpy or if you try to playback a video on DivX compatible hardware player and the video fales, MPEG4 Modifier will likely fix the problem by unpacking the bitstream. If you need to make changes to other MPEG-4 video without re-encoding, an app like QuickTime Pro may serve you better, but for simple changes to DivX and XviD formats, MPEG4 Modifier gets the job done. .NET is required for installation. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]