Sony GVD-1000 Mini DV Walkman

I got the chance to see one of the GVD-1000 MiniDV VCR decks in action the other night; I’m convinced I need one. The feature set of the GVD-1000 makes it a digital video camera without a lens, optimized for reviewing and editing your movies. It’s got a screen to 4-inch preview your movie. On board editing features let you specify up to 20 clips on each tape, making it easy to pre-edit or do a rough edit before importing your video into your computer. A Memory Stick slot makes a quick solution for saving reference movies. S-Video and composite video inputs and outputs act as a source for recording virtually any analog video signal or passing through a Hi8 or VHS source directly through FireWire. If you record and edit video frequently, possibly the best reason to consider the GVD-1000 is to extend the life of your digital video camera. All that time spinning the motor on your camcorder during import will dramatically reduce the life of your camcorder. The GVD-1000 is optimized for editing and playback, with considerably more robust features optimized specifically for recording and playback. Another key advantage of this style deck over larger decks is portability. If you frequently record while traveling, you can easily fit the GVD-1000 in you camera bag and take it with you. Battery life is much longer than camcorders using the same Sony battery pack common to many of their cameras. If you still use Digital8, there’s also the GVD-800.
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