How Digital Photography Works

I see a ton of digital photography books every year. Most of them all cover the same information with slightly different wording. How Digital Photography Works offers something very different from the standard collection. Part instruction manual on using digital cameras and part detailed breakdown of how each part of a digital camera actually does what it does, How Digital Photography Works leaves you wiser for having spent the time reading it.
All explanations are in plain English with some of the best diagrams I’ve ever seen on the topic of digital photography. Included in the book are detailed explanations of how a camera lens works, how digital cameras covert light into data, how digital cameras manipulate photos, how your software corrects photo mistakes, how digital prints are made, and how digital camera exposure works. There’s some clever morphing explained and the process of restoring old prints with digital tools is detailed in a way that makes the solution seem reasonable. Unless you already studied photography intensively, I consider How Digital Photography Works to be a must have reference for those of us who want to enjoy taking pictures and also want to learn to make our pictures better.
ISBN: 0789733099
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Que (September 1, 2005)
Author: Ron White
Illustrator: Tim Downs
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