Video Edit Magic Express

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I’m accustomed to the storyboard and timeline modes of video editing common to apps like Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere thanks to many evolutionary steps in video editing over the past 10 years. For people who aren’t interested in fussing with the intricacies of non-linear editing applications, Video Edit Magic Express offers an intuitive alternative. The software relies on a more common method of cut, copy and paste similar to office applications. Capturing video from your digital video camera is similar to other editors, without complicated options for settings you’re unlikely to use. For output, choose between AVI, MPEG video ready for burning to VCD or DV-AVI (the format of digital video cameras). A collection of effects and transitions are included for adding professional touches to your movies. Those familiar with other video editing applications will certainly recognize distinct similarities in editing methods, but the terminology and straight forward approach sets Video Edit Magic Express apart as a simple solution for editing your movies. The trial version never expires, but registration is required to output your movies. For a more complete set of video editing options, a full-featured version of Video Edit Magic is also available. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $39.95]