EarThumps I hate ear bud style headphones. Apparently my ears aren’t standard sized because those little speakers either don’t fit correctly or start causing me physical pain after very minimal use. For that reason I primarily use over-the-ear headphones when I’m not broadcasting my audio to a room over a speaker system. Etymotic headphones solve my problem with earplug-style fit, but I don’t like to travel with something I’ll regret accidentally leaving behind in a hotel room or airplane seat. Griffin’s EarThumps are the perfect middle ground between ear bud discomfort and the elegant audio of Etymotic. EarThumps come with three different sizes of cushions designed to fit more ear sizes. The soft rubber cushions aren’t quite as comfortable as Etymotic headphones, but the middle size fits nicely in my ears for comfort that seals out most outside noise (meaning you can turn the volume down) and wears longer than a standard ear bud. The sound quality is on par with most of the factory ear buds shipping with iPod, Creative and iRiver devices. A bundled carrying case will hold the EarThumps and your PSP Memory Stick or SD card for flash based portable players. At $20, you won’t kick yourself if the EarThumps happen to get left behind in your daily travels.
EarThumps at Griffin