Anonymous Annoyance Illegal

Mitch Ratcliffe is posting via Declan McCollagh that it is offically illegal to post annoying anonymous comments. It appears to be an update to old laws pertaining to making harassing phone calls. Mitch proclaims this a chink in the armor of free speech. I say it’s about f’ing time. I have no problem with people making snarky comments or being down right rude (okay, I do think you shouldn’t comment or blog anything you wouldn’t say to someone in person), but for god sake take credit for it. It’s easy to criticize when you can hide behind a veil of anonymity. It’s much harder to take a position and own your position. If we could truly eliminate anonymous comments from the Web, we might end up with a slightly more civil discourse as a result. Feel free to disagree with me, but by all means have the balls to stand up for your own opinion (after all, it’s the law ;).