Sunbird Calendar

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Still in the very early stages of development, Mozilla’s calendar app, Sunbird, already looks like an excellent addition to their suite of Internet tools. Like other calendaring solutions, you can add events to your Sunbird calendar, schedule recurring events, set alarms to remind you of events and view your appoinments and meetings across a range of different panes, including day, week and monthly views. The major component missing from current offerings is the ability to sync your data with a portable device, like your cell phone or PDA, making it hard to take your schedule with you. Hopefully syncing is a feature that’s coming soon, rather than a feature that’s completely forgotten. As a partner to Thunderbird, this makes Mozilla a better solution than Outlook Express for lightweight personal information management. As an Outlook and smart phone user, I’m not ready to give up my current level of integration, but if you don’t need syncing, Sunbird is a likely calendar solution for you. Calendaring is also available as a plugin for Thunderbird and Firefox. [Windows 2k/XP Mac OS X Linux $0.00]