180s Tec Fleece Headphones

180s Tec Fleece Headphones If you are the type of person inclined to sport one a Kenpo Jacket for iPod, the natural pairing in cold weather is a pair of 180s Tec Fleece headphones powered by JVC. A combination of over-the-ear headphones and muff-style 180s Tec Fleece ear warmers, these headphones are compatible with any portable media player and make more sense than trying to shove a pair of ear buds under traditional ear warming gear. The headphones feature an inline volume control (although with a Kenpo Jacket you wouldn’t need it). You get sound quality on par with headphones typically priced in the $25-50 range, warm ears and a presentation that doesn’t scream geek. No white cord decreases the likelihood of a mugging, because the black cable running to the Tec Fleece will dupe everyone into thinking your still carrying a $20 CD player instead of a $300 iPod. For $40, this is a set of headphones perfect for the winter in New York, Iowa, or the ski slopes of the Cascades.