Delete all music from Windows Media Center

I have several thousand individual songs in the My Music section of Windows Media Center. Since I never associated any of them with track information, they all show up as unknown. I want to delete them from Media Center without deleting them from my hard drive. Media Center won’t let me delete more than one at a time. Please tell me there’s an easier way.
Not being able to delete more than one track or one album at a time from Media Center can be frustrating. Fortunately, Media Center pulls all it’s album information from Windows Media Player, which means you can eliminate the tracks en masse using the Windows Media Player interface and effectively remove them from Media Center as well.
To remove all the tracks, open Windows Media Player and click on the Library tab. In the left hand side of the player window, click on All Music. This displays only your audio tracks.

Select one file in your music library, then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A to select all music files in your library. Tap the delete key and then leave the option to Delete from library only before clicking OK to remove the files from your music library. All the tracks will also be removed from the music list in Media Center.