MSN Search Toolbar Enterprise

Download MSN Search Toolbar Enterprise
I like the current MSN Search Toolbar implementation of tabbed browsing better than the beta version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7. At the same time, I’d rather not install the Windows Desktop Search on my laptop, which is where I have primarily used the MSN Search Toolbar. It turns out I can get the Toolbar, disconnected from Desktop Search by downloading the enterprise version of the MSN Search Toolbar, which is distributed separately from Windows Desktop Search. The enterprise version of the MSN Search Toolbar also sports a bunch of improved features over the consumer version. Ctrl+Tab flips between tabs. You can automatically open a folder full of favorites as a group of tabs. Double clicking on a tab now closes a tab (just like Firefox) and a middle-click (with compatible mouse) opens a link in a new tab. Tabs open in either the foreground or background depending on which option you choose. Essentially, the enterprise version of MSN Search Toolbar is a useable implementation of tabs in IE7. [Windows XP $0.00]