Software Celebration

I decided to turn the entire month of January 2006 into a celebration of 5 years publishing about digital media. I feel lucky to have met some amazing people over that span. I started the month announcing the Xbox 360 giveaway, which continues to evolve and could still go to anyone with a week left in the month of January. For those with no interest in an Xbox or without an online audience, I’m offering one more opportunity to get some cool free stuff before the end of the month. The software developers behind some of my favorite apps have generously donated free registrations to a giveaway with a simple set of ground rules.
A total of 45 individuals will receive a free copy of one of the software applications listed below. To put your hat in the ring, simply submit a tech question using the online form or by dropping me an email message. I’ll make every effort to provide an answer and you might get some free software too. If you previously submitted a question I haven’t answered, feel free to send it again. You have until the end of January 2006 to submit something.

AudioAlchemy converts any batch or individual audio file to MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG.
DivX Create publishing software for converting movies to the DivX format.
muvee autoProducer automatically creates movies from your home video footage. If you hate editing video, this is truly the best video app ever invented.
iPod Access backs up your iPod and assists in transferring songs from your iPod to a new computer.
TextAloud and the Mike and Crystal AT&T Natural Voices are my favorite text-to-speech conversion solution on the market.
The Ultimate Troubleshooter provides PC optimization and troubleshooting for all kinds of Windows problems.
Flash Video Studio is currently the easiest way to flip any video file to Flash and automatically upload it to the Web.
Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum combines all the Xilisoft tools into one package.
Ink Saver will lower your annual printing expenses more than anything other than throwing out your printer.
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