Xbox Live for MSN Spaces

After seeing a set of newly announced Xbox Live features for MSN Spaces, I decided to sign up for an account and see how it works. The new features include gamer tag integration, recent games played listing and 5 themes in the Music and Entertainment section loosely based on Xbox Live themes. You can check out a theme and gamer features in my newly created sync2play MSN Spaces account. So far, the experience is more frustrating than anything because the upgrade including the Xbox features wasn’t as smooth as some might hope. BetaNews is reporting a number of hiccups during this transition. I’m getting frequent timeouts and error messages during the config process, which is highly frustrating. The end result is full integration with all available Xbox Live features. I’d love to see the Xbox team release some similar modules for global use in Blogger, and TypePad, but I suppose the competitive advantage for MSN Spaces makes sense.