Prepare for Kama Sutra MyWife Virus

February 3 is a big potential headache for anyone who hasn’t updated their anti-virus software recently. A variant of Win32/MyWife is already making its way onto desktops and wiping out MS Office data files, PDF files and a number of other data types most computer users will be devastated to lose. The virus appears in email, posing as a chance to view nude photos or reenactments of the Kama Sutra. If you really need to look at adult content online, there are safer ways to do it than opening email messages. Take the time to update your virus software today to be sure you won’t lose any important Word, Excel or PDF files tomorrow. The virus spreads both through email and across networks with blank administrator passwords. As with all email delivered virus attacks, be suspicious of all email attachments. If you weren’t expecting something or if the subject of an email seems out of the ordinary from what your friends or family typically send, don’t trust it. If you have friends sending you legitimate messages with adult material, it’s probably time to find some new friends; Google image search takes less time and won’t fill you inbox. 😉
You can find out more from your anti-virus vendor and Microsoft’s Malicious Software Encyclopedia.