First Page 2006

Download First Page 2006
Web publishing tools like Movable Type and services like MSN Spaces and Blogger make it so that I avoid most HTML coding these days, but there are still times when I edit HTML. An earlier build of First Page once held the position as my favorite HTML editing tool. The Web has changed a ton since the previous release of First Page, with the incremental improvement to most of the Web programming languages and wider adoption of CSS for managing page elements. First Page 2006 catches up with most of these changes, adding great support for CSS, along with a ton of power tools for PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion and Perl. First Page now supports a ton of pre-built scripts for things like creating popup pages, scrollbars, image thumbnailing, rollover images, and auto-generating photo albums. Link checking feature looks for broken links on your pages, color theme tools help create pages with complimentary colors, built-in FTP and one of the better find-and-replace tools for text in the Web design space. Whether this version will remain valid for another 5 years remains to be seen. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]