Connect360 for Mac OS X

Download Connect360
Mac OS X streaming support may never officially live inside Xbox 360 consoles, but that doesn’t mean Mac owners must go without. The same smart team behind PSP media conversion app PSPWare is back with MP3 and JPG streaming solution Connect360. The app automatically indexes all MP3s in your iTunes library and JPG photos in iPhoto, making them available to any Xbox 360 over a wired or Airport network. With Connect360 active on your Mac, Xbox 360 consoles will automatically detect your Mac and your Mac will detect your Xbox 360. An Access Control List provides control over which Xbox 360 gets access to your Mac, so no need to worry about streaming tunes to the neighbors. While this isn’t quite as full featured as the Windows Media Connect experience or the Media Center Edition experience, it’s certainly cheaper than buying a PC. [Mac OS X $10.00]