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Create an embedded DivX Video
DivX has long been a popular movie download format, but streaming DivX video online was never really possible. DivX Web Player solves this problem by providing a browser plugin to stream video inline. Unlike past DivX efforts that hit Windows first and often take some time to filter into the Mac community, DivX is coming out of the gate with support for browser playback on both platforms simultaneously. The DivX team makes it easy to setup, providing a simple Web form where you paste in a link to your video, put in the width and height and they generate the code for your Web page. The first time someone watches an embedded DivX movie, they need to install the browser plugin, but after that, they are good to go. If you’re simply interested in watching streaming DivX content online, you can download the plug-in so your computer is already prepared when you first encounter embedded DivX.