Join or Combine RMVB RealMedia files

“I downloaded a movie and when I opened it there were several .rmvb files. How can I combine those into files into one so that the movie isn’t interrupted while I’m watching it?”

Large downloads are often broken into smaller chunks to make them more manageable for compression tools or to speed the upload/download process. Tools for joining RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB) files are becoming more popular as a method of distributing video online, thanks in large part to Real making source code available via the Helix Community. While it’s possible to get RealMedia authoring tools directly from Real, there are a few solutions available for editing and joining files through independent software developers.

One great solution for combining RMVB files is Easy RealMedia Tools. The official home of the software is all in Chinese, as is the help file, but the apps features are in English and self-explanatory. Easy RealMedia Tools essentially combines an video encoding app and an editor for combining multiple clips. Both tools support batch processing.

You need to download Easy RealMedia Tools and install it before continuing with this tutorial.
Launch Easy RealMedia Editor from Start > All Programs > Easy RealMedia Tools. Click the Add button to add the first file in your file of the files you want to join.

Easy RealMedia Editor screen for adding files

Highlight the file you just added to Easy RealMedia Editor and click the Settings button.

Optionally edit the title, author, copyright and keyword information or import it from the existing file by clicking the original Info button.

To add the second, third and other files you want to join, first uncheck the Empty means don’t change checkbox. Select the button next to Paste Action in order to activate the join feature. Then click Add and select the files in the order you want to join them.

Easy RealMedia Editor with a file selected

Once all your files are listed in the Append RealMedia File box, click OK. Click the Start(s) button to begin processing your video. When the join is finished, you’ll have one file made up of all the smaller files.