Download HDTVtoMPEG2

If you have a cable box with built in HDTV PVR, the FireWire connection on the back of the box may be your gateway to accessing the recorded files. The cable companies are typically required to make all ports on a cable box functional and there are a number of online projects around working with the PVR boxes over FireWire. In many cases, you will need an app to work with the HDTV transport stream files once you record a few shows. HDTVtoMPEG2 is that solution, with features for eliminating commercials or unwanted sections of a recording and the ability to convert HDTV transport stream files to a standard MPEG2 file playable in Windows video apps. If you want a more user friendly experience, a shareware app like VideoReDo may be a better option, but for basic HDTV transport stream edits, HDTVtoMPEG2 is up to the task. [Windows $0.00]