WebMetricsGuru Interview

The funny thing about being at Search Engine Strategies is I’m overwhelmed to the point of not keeping track of where new site visitors are coming from. During lunch on Tuesday I had a great conversation with Marshall Sponder of WebMetricsGuru. I don’t typically toot my own horn about blogging so I think that’s probably the first place I’ve ever been officially outed as a six-figure blogger. The one minor correction I’d make is that I only gave away one Xbox 360, although if I get enough referrals from TextPayMe, I will likely give another one away. What isn’t mentioned in the interview is how much work is required to get there. Or to put it another way, an 80 hour work week isn’t for everyone. For me the most fun at lunch was listening to Marshall explain strategies for gathering and interpreting data for some of his clients to identify opportunities to improve Web performance for a couple of his clients. I learned enough at lunch to make me a WebMetricsGuru subscriber.