Download RealAnime
If you watch Anime on a regular basis, chances are you are also storing a few videos on your hard drive. RealAnime specializes in converting DivX Anime files to other formats, although it’s not limited to only converting anime files. Open the app, select the anime video you want to convert, choose your settings, and output an optimized file using x264 and AAC for an optimized video experience. RealAnime also supports RMVB output associated with RealVideo 10 via Helix, Vorbis audio and OGM wrapper files in addition to MP4 and Matroska MKV. If your original file includes multiple tracks of audio or video, RealAnime supports selective output for both. While the app was written with anime in mind, I tested it with other video files and found the results to be solid. If you need to convert multiple files, a better option is MediaCoder [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]