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Eve Cornelious Bre Pettis of I Make Things told me about St. Nick’s Pub, a cool jazz club on the corner of 149th and St. Nickolas. Bre visited the club on a trip to New York last year and raved about it both times I mentioned my upcoming trip to New York, so it was near the top of my to do list for the trip. I dragged Chris and Ponzi along for a night of jazz after an awesome Italian meal at Angelo of Mulberry Street. The club is one of those hole-in-the-wall neighborhood places that always have awesome music and an atmosphere that sticks in your memory.
Turns out in addition to Law and Order filming on the streets outside, we were blessed with some amazing talent on the stage. The Chip Crawford Trio took the stage shortly after our arrival, featuring Chip on keyboards, grammy nominated drummer Greg Bandy keeping time, and Ron Affif on guitar. After a short instrumental set to wait for the crowd to fill in, Eve Cornelious took the stage, performing an inspired set of songs from the Billie Holiday catalog for the first set. Turns out Eve was awarded the BET Jazz Vocal Discovery. If we hadn’t been flying out the next day, I’m sure I would have stayed till closing. You can find samples from Eve’s latest album on her site or listen to the album on CD Baby.