Download DVDAuthorgui
The Sourceforge project archive has a seriously powerful command line DVD authoring tool appropriately named DVDAuthor. It does motion menus with audio and video. It handles mixed aspect ratios and can combine PAL and NTSC on the same disk. Subtitles and multiple audio tracks are supported. DVDAuthor even imports some typically unsupported video streams. It does all this for free, which would be the greatest thing in the world, except it’s a command line solution. Fortunately someone stepped in and created a graphical interface for DVDAuthor with the even less imaginative name DVDAuthorgui. The grapical interface doesn’t expose every feature of DVDAuthor, but it works and provides enough functionality to create usable DVDs from your movies. You still need an app to convert your video to MPEG2 first and if you want tons of authoring features, a solution like Nero or Sonic MyDVD is far superior, but for basic DVD authoring DVDAuthorgui will get you from MPEG2 file to shiny disk or ISO in a few simple steps. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]