Mounting a Camera to your bike

Mount a Camera to Your Bike
Bicycle Tripod Mount I remain amazed at the amount of response I get from my DIY Bottle Cap Tripod. The latest inspiration is a DIY camera mount for your bicycle from 7mc. He uses a 3/4 machine screw, a 1 foot length of bicycle inner tubing, and a metal hose clamp secured onto bicycle handlebars from a front recording view with a digital still camera. While I’m sure the video looks a little bumpy unless you’re riding a bike with an insane suspension on a ultrasmooth surface, if you want to record your ride, this is an easy way to get the job done. There’s also the alternative Bicycle Camera Mount I wrote about several months ago. You can geek it up a notch and record your video coupled with ShotMapper Deluxe to track GPS coordinates on your video tape.