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VCR Lock
VCRs should be a thing of the past, but many of us still own hundreds of hours of movies and family vacations on large rectangular tapes. Until the VCR stops being a part of the home entertainment system, children will try to insert small objects into the tape slot. Not every home office contains a VCR, but it does make a good diversion for kids when work requires you to take time out from watching the kids to submit a project at the last minute. I keep a VCR in my office to transfer old tapes to digital formats, which means I’m forced to keep legacy equipment in the office. A VCR lock is provides an able solution for keeping foreign objects out of the VCR when not in use, as well as when a tape is playing. My VCR displays an error message after auto-rewind when the lock is in place, because the VCR attempts to eject the tape, instead getting blocked by the lock.
DVD players are another child entertainment tool for maintaining balance in the home office. So far, I haven’t found a lock designed to keep kids from pulling on the DVD tray. With any electronic device, an out of the way location is always best, especially since most features are accessible via the handheld remote.
Keeping the television out of reach of small hands is easy enough. The solution is readily visible in most sports bars. A wall mounted TV stand puts the screen well out of reach of children, with a system for fastening the TV to the stand, preventing possible slipping. With the increase of flat screen HDTVs, wall-mounting your screen may be another solution for keeping both the screen and your kids safe.
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