Hidden Costs in Childproofing a Home Office

Working in the 9 to 5 corporate world, where the company provides furniture, a computer, the staples, coffee, the printer paper, and all the other essentials, it’s easy to forget the costs associated with all these things. When the tape dispenser is empty, there’s a cabinet with more tape, sticky notes, and other essentials a few cubicles down. Working from home makes you appreciate all the things the company provides. Sure, supplies are a tax write-off at the end of the year, but that doesn’t make them cost less.
Most of the suggestions made in this guide aren’t cheap, but with some diligent shopping they aren’t too expensive either. Virtually everything listed here is available from Amazon.com at close to the lowest price on the Web. Before you consider skimping on any of the suggestions here because of the cost, think hard about the safety provided to your small children (and to your work). It’s easy to assume you can get by with any old office chair. I made that mistake early in my work-from-home experience. When you lay awake at night with leg cramps due to a chair that doesn’t sit well (pun intended), you will realize just how much more expensive poor quality furniture really is. The desk with the round corners may or may not look as stylish as the other desk alternatives, but it will certainly minimize bumps to the head of the short people playing in your office space.
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