DIY Tripod Top of Technorati

In July 2004 Gizmodo and Engadget featured a tripod mount for single serving soda bottles (aka the 20oz and 24oz bottles here in the U.S.). I saw it and decided to make my own. Almost two years later its in the April 2006 issue of Popular Science and hit #1 on Technorati’s Top Searches (see image below). I guessing this is in part because Popular Science misspelled my domain name as instead of the proper spelling with a single ‘D’. Not to mention they linked to the main page of the site instead of linking to the actual Bottle Cap Tripod article. At the end of the day, I think it’s cool that I made it in to PopSci, but I really need to work on that whole spelling thing. 219 entries in Google, mostly made by people that know me, all spell my name wrong.
Technorati Top Searches 2006 March 20