Seattle Filter Magazine Party

On Monday night I attended the Filter Magazine Party with Bre Pettis of I Make Things fame. I’ve been to a few swanky parties in my day and this wasn’t one of them. Walking in the door we were instantly hit with an overwhelming sense of corporate schlock. Get your picture taken in an economy sized Honda? Are you serious? The shrinky-dinks were a nice touch, but not exactly something a 21+ crowd typically looks for. 500 microbrews in the naked city and the best Filter could do was free Miller Lite? No one appeared to be having fun. Where was the decadance that should go along with a rock party tied to what’s supposed to be a trendy magazine. For their part, the bands sounded awesome, with Aqueduct providing the backdrop for one of Bre’s Meta-photo shots and Pretty Girls Make Graves headlining the evening.