Motricity BET Busta Rhymes and CTIA

The best parties will always be the ones I’m not invited to, which is exactly why I made it my mission to crash the Motricity / BET party at CTIA Wireless 2006. Busta Rhymes headlined an evening MCee’d by Doug E. Fresh with star cameos like Magic Johnson. I spent parts of the night with a ringside seat as evidenced by the video below, but also had the chance to hang at the bar with one of the opening acts (who were generally more interested in the eye candy hired for the party). The other part of the night I was hanging out with the guys behind PocketGirls, who happen to be fans of Chris Pirillo. The party list at CTIA this year is lengthy, but CES 2005 still gets mad props for the Rock-a-fella Records / AVN party featuring Kanye West. Photos of Busta Rhymes and Doug E. Fresh are available on Flickr.