Shuttle SD11G5 XPC and Silent Computing

In an ideal world I’d have an office closet where my computers are stored, interfacing them via keyboard and monitor in a relatively noise-free environment. Audio recording is hard enough without introducing several computer fans to the equation. Logistically that’s impossible for my current office so I work to reduce noise and eliminate space wasting hardware in other ways. HP and Dell still haven’t grasped the concept of low noise computing (at least not with the computer models I use regularly. I’m also hitting the point where I want my desktop PCs to take up less space, look decent, keep noise to a minimum and still perform all the functions I need. Shuttle is one company with a finger on the pulse of both quiet computing and form factor elegance. Jason Dunn at Digital Media Thoughts recently reviewed the Shuttle SD11G5 and came back impressed overall:
“Shuttle has hit a home run with the SD11G5. Despite my major frustrations with the optical drive bay button, the SD11G5 is a powerful blend of stylish design, clever engineering, and powerful hardware. If you’re looking for a silent desktop PC that still packs some serious punch for productivity and digital media editing, the SD11G5 is tough to beat”
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