Computer Alarm Clocks

Dennis asks, Is there a way to have the iTunes 6 radio station to turn off or sleep at night and wake up in the morning?

After experimenting with a number of different scripting tools, I haven’t found any way to successfully use an iTunes radio station as an alarm clock. I am aware of a few options that should work equally well, although they involve using your own music collection or linking to playlists instead.

The Bluefive Alarm application is a simple solution for using your PC as an alarm clock. While it won’t connect to any of the iTunes radio stations, you could wake up to any of the thousands of ShoutCast stations by linking to them with an M3U playlist file. Playlists using the .pls convention are not supported.

Bluefive alarm for Windows

If you’re willing to spend $18, the Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP includes Plus! Digital Alarm Clock, which plays music from your Windows Media library. The alarm clock allows you to set snooze options in addition to multiple alarms.

In either case, you can access your iTunes music (with the exception of iTunes Music Store purchases).

For more complicated alarm scheduling, the app Say The Time can’t be beat. You can schedule multiple alarms with specified audio for each alarm instance.