Podbasket – Your Podcast Other People’s Audio

Looks like you can build your own podcast from other people’s audio using Podbasket, which boasts the ability to “create your own podcast by providing the offsite URLs”. Technically you could do this already simply by linking to audio files in a blog post using software like Movable Type or Word Press, but Podbasket seems to offer an easy option. The idea is that you might constantly find new audio files but not want to download and transfer them to your iPod. I got news for Podbasket, this isn’t new. An app like Aaron’s Web Vaccuum will grab files for you and if you have them saved to a folder watched by iTunes or Windows Media Player, you get the same result. The potentially cool feature is if you have 50 or 1000 friends who might be interested in the same things you are, you can get them to subscribe and then feed them files. Photos, movies, PDFs or shareware might be fair game as well. In theory this is all well and good assuming you are pointing to files that were meant to be legally shared in the first place.