Hollywood Reviews

I finally made a change I’ve been meaning to undertake for a long time. I moved the DVD reviews and movie related topics away from Media Blab and the Digital Lifestyle Newsletter to stand on their own at Hollywood Reviews. The site is currently a work-in-progress as I sort through the logistics of getting everything setup, but it makes more sense than throwing a random DVD review in here, where I typically talk about how to bend media to your will.
Among the features I’m adding to the Hollywood Reviews site is the ability for readers to add comments about each movie and a rating system so you can simply say you liked a movie or not on a scale of 1 to 5. The component I’m having most fun with is building out a database of trivia questions related to the movie industry. There are two sample trivia quizzes at the moment while I finish configuration. Feel free to test them out and see if you can break ’em (or just see if you know the answers). I’m also looking for feedback in terms of things I’m missing.
I’m also actively seeking individuals interested in writing some reviews for the site. I can’t promise riches or fame and fortune, but I’ll certainly do my best to make the opportunity worthwhile. If you’re interested, my email address is just a click in the sidebar away.