Download Pass2Go
Carry essential passwords with you on a USB thumb drive using Pass2Go, which is the portable alternative to RoboForm. Software uses AES encryption to protect your data and integrates with Internet Explorer on any computer, purporting to leave none of your data behind when you exit the computer. In general, I try to avoid using my passwords on public computers, but in the unlikely event of having no alternative, this looks like one of the safer approaches. An even safer method would be to use Firefox with its cache clearing on close, forgoing some of the automation provided by Pass2Go’s Internet Explorer integration. In addtion to storing passwords, Pass2Go also keeps form filling details like credit card info and mailing address information just a few clicks away. The big win is being able to carry this stuff on an external drive (which is useful even if you’re simply accessing the data from both work and home). Up to 10 passwords may be stored for free, with unlimited passwords if you purchase the full version. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00/29.95]