Download WinSCP

Remote file management is neither exciting or fun, but it’s very necessary if you have a Web site of any kind. I’ve long used a combination of Filezilla and SmartFTP to handle all my FTP needs, but I’m rethinking this after spending only a few minutes with WinSCP. For one thing, WinSCP operates via secure connections by default, which means I’m not sending FTP passwords in the clear. You can edit remote files using either a built-in file browser or by assigning an external application (like a text editor) to the task of editing files. On save, WinSCP automatically uploads changes back to the server. An onboard shell component is an amazing time saver. If you’re in FTP mode, simply open a shell window from within WinSCP and it automatically logs you in as the FTP user for secure access over SSH. A copy path feature makes it easy to copy and past the current path from the FTP side to the shell side for quick navigation. If you manage more than one server, multiple instancing will help you keep track more than one server at the same time.